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RESIDING/WORKING FROM: Lenni-Lenape lands  




Cybele Moon is a visual artist, costume designer and educator. As a visual artist, Moon works with textiles, cut-paper collage and multi-media Installations. Her work has been exhibited at galleries, public events, and with community organizations in California, Connecticut, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

As a costume designer she has worked with theater and dance companies, as well as colleges and universities to design and create costumes for over 140 productions. Her work has been seen onstage in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New Orleans and many other locations across the United States. 

Moon has held full-time Academic appointments with Wesleyan University and East Carolina University, in addition to adjunct positions with CalArts, Temple University, the University of the Arts, and Austin Community College. She has given numerous guest lectures at higher education institutions in California, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Illinois. 

Moon is the recipient of multiple grants from academic institutions, and arts organizations, including two Chicago CAAP grants, and a Creative Campus Initiative Grant from Wesleyan University. 

She received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, her BFA from Ohio University, and was born, raised, and inspired to be an artist by her upbringing in Detroit. 

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