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RESIDING/WORKING FROM: Chumash, Tongva, and Kizh Lands




Marissa Magdalena is a Los Angeles based artist who enjoys questioning the norms of physical and social space. Her work exists as object, image, and live performance. Marissa cultivated a dramatic aesthetic amid the dressing racks and theater sets of California’s great San Joaquin Valley where she grew up. The juxtaposition of Marissa’s farming community roots and current urban backdrop is a wellspring of inspiration.


Marissa has exhibited and taught extensively. She works in both traditional and alternative spaces. To this end her work has been shown at 18th Street Art Center, Avenue 50 Studios, The Bakersfield Museum of Art, Juas, Museum of Ventura County, Phantom Galleries, Self Help Graphics, undisclosed locations in Tehran and many others. Marissa is a lecturer for UCLA's Visual And Performing Education Program, Lead Teaching Artist at Inner-City Arts, and Visiting Instructor at museums throughout Los Angeles. Marissa’s wearable artwork was recently featured by Artillery Magazine. Marissa is a graduate of Otis College of Art & Design.

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