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the work of erica larsen-dockray






Media Artist and Animator, Teaching Artist and Entrepreneur



Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater,  Wesleyan University

Costume Designer


Threads and Trails are binding elements between our two journeys of research, conceptualization, and enlightenment of our maternal familial lines. Cybele Moon dives into her Slovakian history through oral histories, traditions, and textiles. Erica Larsen-Dockray explores the texts from pioneer women on the Oregon Trail as they passed over the land where she grew up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  This collaboration between Larsen-Dockray and Moon builds on their previous works exploring reproductive issues and sculptural costume which have combined installation, projection, moving image and live performance.



Phase Two:

Too Big for Her Britches



Great Plains Art Museum

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

October 2, 2020–February 20, 2021

In Too Big for her Britches, media artist Erica Larsen-Dockray uses journal entries and accounts from Pioneer women as a springboard into her own journey out west from her birthplace of Scottsbluff, Nebraska where the Oregon, California and Mormon trails converged. 

In the work, she and her collaborator Cybele Moon, convey connections they feel to these tenacious pioneers into a large scale, interactive installation. Too Big for Her Britches combines Larsen-Dockray’s expertise in media arts and interactive space, with Moon’s in costume design and textile arts to create a truly unique experience. Recurring themes in this collaboration include resilience to skepticism, doubt and unexpected obstacles, as well as the on-going tension of leaving one’s ‘home’.

As viewers move through the gallery, they will explore a variety of two, and three dimensional interpretations 

of women traversing new landscapes, as they search for equity, stability, and independence. Larsen-Dockray and Moon use their anomalous pairing to reinvent the sound, sight, and feel of the space. 


Phase One:

A Modern Woman's Wit

Phase one, titled "A Modern Woman's Wit" was workshopped at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT in the Spring of 2018.


Building on themes in the Slovak folktale "A Woman's Wit," this interactive installation combines projection, sound, textile and movement to explore modern feminist connections to historical texts.




Exhibited at Davison Arts Center - Wesleyan University 

Supported by Wesleyan University Creative Campus Initiative & Wesleyan University Theater Department




moving image



Erica Larsen-Dockray

Artistry, Moving Image, Design, Pedagogy, Play

Erica Larsen-Dockray is an Animation and Media Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Activist. She is an occasional adjunct faculty at her alma mater, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), in the Film/Video School’s Experimental Animation program. Erica’s class, The Animated Woman, was covered by the Associated Press and Agencia EFE, and featured in over 1,000 news outlets including the LA Times and the New York Times. Since 2011, Erica has been a teaching artist at Inner-City Arts in downtown Los Angeles where she currently runs the Saturday animation courses.


In 2013 she founded the Calibraska Arts Initiative, a cross-cultural summer program bringing artists from California to her home state of Nebraska to teach multi-generational workshops in their métier.  The initiative has the continued financial support of the Johnny Carson Foundation starting in 2017 and has since grown state wide offering a variety of camps in Lincoln, North Platte, and (Erica’s hometown) Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The Calibraska Arts Initiative has strong partnerships with Nebraska 4-H, the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, The West Nebraska Arts Center, Mid-Plains Community College, and many more!

Erica also is Co-Founding Director of SCV Adventure Play Foundation with her husband Jeremiah, creating play spaces for children and adults which facilitate and support self-directed and unstructured play. Erica has spoken at conferences, conventions and participated in panels across the nation including Equestria LA, The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts Discussions, The Association of Children’s Museums - Interactivity Conference, and the Foundations of Art, Theory, and Education Conference.

Her art practice includes hybrid installations consisting of varying elements such as painting, moving image, dance, theater, interactivity, and experimental projection.  Her work has been shown domestically and internationally in cultural institutions such as the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Thymele Arts, Future Studio Gallery, the New Children’s Museum in San Diego and at the CalArts Expo and the Art Festival Kesenian Indonesia.


Her latest projects include collaborations with costume designer and textile artist Cybele Moon, creating performance pieces where textiles and projected animation and moving image become one. Spring 2018 marked their third collaboration, A Modern Woman’s Wit, creating an interactive installation at Wesleyan University’s Davison Art Center. Its second phase, Too Big for Her Britches will be exhibited at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska in October 2020 to February 2021.


You can find more information on her other projects here:





curriculum vitae

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